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Review By Adrienne Simmonds - June 2017

Phillips Equine, owned by Dean and Lorraine Phillips, is a place of learning in a safe and relaxed environment where dreams can become a reality.

My daughter was horse crazy by the age of ten, having already read everything she could about horses since she was four. Her passion reminded me of my childhood and a similar wish to learn to ride. After a few years of pleading, I agreed that she could learn to ride and that we could learn together. In hindsight, we should have started earlier and I did not realise how our love of horses would get under our skin and fuel our passion so strongly.

The first few weeks of riding at Phillips Equine were pure joy for my daughter and a little scary for me. However, with the encouragement and enthusiasm shown and given by the Phillips Family – and the excellent instructors – it has now become a lifetime passion in many ways.

In the first holiday program we attended, we saw Dean carry out dental work on a horse that had never been treated before. The horse was agitated but Dean spoke calmly to the horse “whispering” so that it settled, it was amazing to watch. Dean has always shown, and been very willing to share, his endless knowledge and experience from a lifetime of working with horses. Later when we bought our own horse, Dean and Lorraine were supportive and helpful with honest and trustworthy advice.

The Phillips family offer a wide range of services and knowledge that is backed up with their many years of valuable experience. Their property offers great facilities that enable riders to challenge their boundaries or just enjoy the pure pleasure of riding in a farming environment. Phillips Equine have enthusiastic instructors that bring their own knowledge and experience to provide a variety of teaching styles that suit a wide range of riders,from beginner to advanced riding levels. There is always a new way to look at things or a new hint to use to grow your riding skills.

Lorraine runs an amazing holiday programme, and camps that cater for riders of all abilities where confidence and skills are built upon and there is always plenty of fun to be had by all that attend. Lorraine has a great volunteer programme that is an invaluable way to broaden one’s skills and knowledge around horses. We volunteer during the holiday programs, and occasionally in the weekends, and this has allowed us to learn and grow our skills around horses and riders. Riding is not just about getting on a horse: it involves communication, patience, tolerance, understanding, respect and most importantly a partnership. It is amazing to watch riders develop these skills and grow in partnership with their horsefrom the knowledge and experience shared by the Phillips Family and instructors.

Lastly, the Phillips Equine ponies and horses, what can you say about these amazing animals that work 24/7, never complaining and always obliging and forgiving. They are great characters and just like people they are all individual and have their own qualities and quirks but each one is well loved and they all love the attention and respond more when you reward them with respect, conversation (yes, they do listen to you when you talk to them!), good grooming and of course the odd treat.

Phillips Equine is a fantastic place for education and integrity in all things equine.

Review By Lyndsay Kurth - November 2015

Deputy Principal, Learning - SENCO

My daughter has been riding at Phillips Equine for three years. She wanted to become a competent rider and learn how to care for horses and thanks to the informative and proficient teachers she has developed a broad range of skills and has become a much more confident rider.

Phillips Equine has a wide range of horses and ponies all with individual personalities and the staff are very sensitive to matching horse and rider to keep both happy, learning and safe.

Dean, Lorraine and the rest of the staff always take a very hands on approach and have created a helpful and friendly environment in which my daughter has not only been able to learn, but also have a lot of fun. Lessons are well planned and my daughter is challenged in a supportive environment.

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