Phillips Equine offers horse riding lessons that cater to a range of ages and riding abilities. Our Riding School offers private or group lessons, holiday programmes, group rides, and more. Our purpose-built facilities are set up for educating riders and training horses. Ride one of our lovely natured horses or your own pony.

The Riding School is located in the peaceful country atmosphere of Matangi. Our unique property is set on 50 acres, with the stables situated 1 km from the road entrance. With no road frontage, it creates a quiet, private and secure environment for both horses and riders.

Our highest priority is for you to learn the skills you need to ride horses, while also teaching in a way that is as fun as possible!

Horse riding lessons are primarily held in one of our all-weather arenas which are equipped with show jumps and dressage markers.

We also often go for a short pleasure ride around the farm, or schooling over spars and cross country fences, giving you a chance to put your skills to the test in a completely different environment.

All of our instructors are well qualified and experienced to ensure that you are learning in a safe, supportive environment with all the fun horse riding is supposed to be.

Helmets, footwear, body protectors, and toe stoppers are available for hire. These items can also be purchased in our Merchandise Shop.


Regardless of previous experience, all riders new to Phillips Equine are encouraged to start with a private 45 minute assessment lesson.

 This gives us a chance to evaluate your current skill level and get to know you and visa vera. This is a great time to discuss your goals so we can come up with a program that suits your needs.


Phillips Equine is OSCAR approved for all horse riding lessons and holiday programmes. This gives you assurance that we meet government standards for health and safety. Eligible families can apply for subsidies for all their horse riding. Please contact us for more info about this subsidy.

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